I’m Chris, a wedding, portrait, and sports photographer

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

“Photography allowed me to try to find out the why of things. [As an artist], I don’t just accept things, I never say: It’s good enough. I celebrate them. Art raises up everything, it raises the human condition. Everyone is elevated, everyone wants to rise to the next level of understanding.”


Fact 1

I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. I fell in love with photography and making memories at a young age and didn't even know it.


Fact 2

Sneaking in pictures of my friends when in their element is an old hobby of mine, so portraiture is like second nature to me.


Fact 3

Just like with my photography, I enjoy the simpler things in life - being out and about with friends, good food, and nice views.


Fact 4

I love Little Rock, so if we’re out for a city session you will get a complimentary tour guide to distract you from the camera!


I’ve book with Chris twice, and each time the results left me speechless! Book with him now!